How to use your Smartwatch


Nov 21 2018 0 Comments

Kids Safety recommends, that our smartwatches are used, according to the following points: The protective film should not be removed, Do not pull the rubber straps, Extend battery life, etc.


Checklist for purchasing a GPS watch for your child


Nov 16 2018 0 Comments

There are always many things to take into account, when purchasing electronics, for example. watch tv & dvd player.

We have therefore written some things, that are important to remember before and after you have bought a GPS watch for your child from Kids Safety.

The different GPS Types


Nov 14 2018 0 Comments

We are often asked, what the different GPS types in our Smartwatches are.

We would like to explain the difference, advantages and disadvantages of the 4 GPS types: LBS, GPS, WiFI and AGPS.


Hacking off our watches


Nov 14 2018 0 Comments

Is hacking possible?

Yes, hacking is always an option, when it comes to electronics.

However, we wonder whether it's interesting to hack a watch with only location data, and few phone numbers, rather than your credit card or your personal data?

Tips for your childs Smartwatch & App


Nov 14 2018 0 Comments

Do not disturb

This is a very good feature, as it does so the child's smartwatch cannot interfere during school time.

You should be aware, however, if you have bought an GPS watch (without touch screen), that the smartwatch will not be locked in the "do not disturb" time period.

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