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Technical difficulties 


How to use your smartwatch!

Here you will find our instructions on how to use your Kids Safety smartwatch. Failure to use the smartwatch according to the instructions can have an effect on the warranty.

To see the instructions CLICK HERE

Where can I watch video guides?

You can view our video guides on our YouTube channel CLICK HERE


I'm having trouble with the SeTracker2 App!

See our detailed guide CLICK HERE


I'm having trouble signing up for the SeTracker2 App!

If you are unsure of signing in to SeTracker2, please write an email to info@kidssafety.eu with the following information:

• Watch model

• IMEI number (located on the back of the watch)

• The nature of the error, if any. error message

Then we will return within 24 hours, with a solution.


I have inserted the SIM card into the smartwatch, but it does not work?

To make the connection possible, first insert the SIM card into a mobile phone and permanently remove the PIN, as it is not possible to enter the PIN on the watch.

When the SIM card is reset, it should start normally.


Why does my mobile show full signal, when there is no signal on the watch?

The signal on most mobiles must not be confused with the signal on the watches. Mobile phones today use (2G), 3G and 4G, where the watch use the 2G network. This means, that a mobile can have full 3G or 4G coverage.

Do you live in a densely populated area or outside bigger cities, there may be holes in the mast signal and you will experience signal strength dropouts.


I have purchased a Lyca prepaid mobile card, but it does not work?

Lyca is unfortunately the only sim card, that we have not yet got to work, because it's missing some APN, MNC and MCC information from the provider and unfortunately, they cannot help.

We therefore recommend, that you choose one of the major telecom providers, with a regular subscription, which can later be used on a mobile phone when the time comes.


When do telecommunications companies stop using 2G?

2G network better known as the GSM network, used for voice, data and slow mobile broadband, where 3G and 4G networks are used for data, mobile broadband and internet.

For several years, telecommunications companies have talked about closing the 2G network to exploit the frequency range of the 5G network, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT). It is a long-term and expensive process, where European telecom providers still have a number of challenges before they can implement 5G. Therefore, it will take a minimum of several years before the first telecom providers begin to shut down their 2G network.


Why does the watch use 2G and not the 3G or 4G network?

Since the smartwatches can't go on the Internet, there has been no specific reason why they should use 3G or 4G. In addition, the 2G network is the most widely used in Europe, covering the entire area, where 3G slowly is beginning to cover the largest parts, primarily urban areas. Similarly, 4G is also well-known for coverage, and now covers all major cities, while outlying areas still have a way to go.


Why is data used, when the watch is used only to dial?

There are minimal (typically maximum 4-50 MB per month) data usage from the watch, as they cannot access the Internet. The data used is, when the watch updates the GPRS signal. This may have an effect for customers who use prepaid cards. Thus, it is different from provider to provider, how they choose to rate their traffic. We highly recommend, that if you are very dependent on the GPS function in the watch, then it is clearly best and often the cheapest way to choose a regular subscription with a little data included.


Which provider should I choose?

It is always a good idea to see, which providers are on the market. What they offer price-versus signal coverage. Is the purpose of the watch, that the GPS function is to be used a lot, so it is most reasonable to choose a provider with good 2G signal coverage in your area.


Does the watch work on weekends, when I have activated the "do not disturb" function on?

The "do not disturb" function only works on weekdays (Monday-Friday) as it is intended, when the child is in an institution /school.


I have got a new telecom provider. Can I change the number of my GPS watch?

Yes, you can easily switch to another SIM card, with another phone number. Simply put the new sim card in the watch and use the new number.


The pedometer does not display correctly. What can I do?

The pedometer is dependent on several factors, which for example includes arm movements, height and gravity. Just be aware, that if the signal is lost, then the watch does not count steps in this period. This can give a misleading picture of an entire day depending on how long the watch has been without signal. If you have a problem with the signal, try to change the LBS status in that area.

How can I compare the watches!

If you want to compare the different watches on our site, you simply click on the compare butten on the products, by hovering over them and click on the button in the middel.

Every time you click compare on a product, you get a popup, where you can view your chosen product comparison. 

Your comparisons will open in a new window, where you have the oppetunity to print. 


Payment Methods

How do I pay with Paypal?

When you choose PayPal as the payment method, you will be directed to the PayPal website after you have approved your information.

You must either register as a user or log in.

Then you complete the payment and will receive mail from both us (your order confirmation) and PayPal.


How does general payment work on the page?

If you choose to pay with one of the given cards we receive on the website, then a box will appear on the right side, where you enter your card details and end with the payment. Kids Safety do not have access to any of your informations.



How do I return a product purchased at kidssafety.eu?

It's important, that you notify us before returning a package.

When you return the item, please describe the issue as detailed as possible.

You can send it to our mail at info@kidssafety.eu.


I have not received my package yet!

Usually it will take 1-7 weekdays from your order and until you receive the package. You can always follow the package with your Track & Trace number (Shipped with GLS or Postnord from Denmark). If you are in doubt, feel free to contact us on info@kidssafety.eu.


Can I get my money back, if I return my purchased item?

Yes of course! You have 14 days return policy, valid from the day you receive the item. It is important, that the item is in the same condition as when you received it. You can read more in our terms of trade.


Is it safe to shop at kidssafety.eu?

Yes! You can safely shop at kidssafety.eu. We are a Danish webshop, where all transactions with credit cards are made via an encrypted payment module at Nets/Teller.


Other things


How do I get my invoice?

Your invoice will be sent directly to your mail, when we send your order.


How do I follow my order?

Once you have made a purchase with us, you will receive an email with your track & trace number. With the track & trace number you can then can track your goods are in the delivery route, on the postal providers website.


How long warranty do I have on my new item?

When you buy from Kids Safety, you will receive a 2 year warranty on your goods as long as the item is treated as directed.


How can I check, if a product is in stock again?

If we have an item sold out, which you wish to purchase, you can send us an email at info@kidssafety.eu and we will inform you when the item will be on stock again.


Something's wrong with my smartwatch - what do I do?

If you experience any errors with your product, please contact us at info@kidssafety.eu or phone (+45) 71 741 797. We are ready to help you solve the problem!

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