Kids Safety GW450 Smartwatch with Camera - Blue Design

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Quick Overview

The GW450 smartwatch with touchscreen, here in blue, is the ideal smartwatch for the water loving and active child, either as a supplement or a replacement for a mobile phone. As something new, can the children now enter phone numbers, which they want to call. This feature can be deactivated and activated in the SeTracker2 application.

GW450 is set up (see video) by downloading the application SeTracker2 (Android and iOS) and inserting a sim card in the watch (not included), which gives the smartwatch's many features. 

The personal login for the SeTracker2 can be shared with, for example grandparents, who thereby have the same opportunities for communicating with their grandchildren. 

The smartwatch is easy to navigate for kids, who can't read yet, because the symbols show each menu item in a logical and understandable way.

 In the smartwatch there is a camera directed at the fingers, so that the child can take pictures with friends, or in fun and exciting moments of their lives, and then send the pictures to the app one at a time. It gives the parents the possibility  to gathering around the child's experiences. 

It is possible to live locate the smartwatch as it is equipped with GPS.

Other features included: SOS function, alarm / alarm clock, chat function and fitness tracker.

Availability: In stock




  • Waterproof
  • Touchscreen
  • Camera with an album, that can contain one image at a time. However, more pictures can be sent to the app
  • Call keypad, so the kids themselves can enter numbers and call. This function can be deactivated in the app
  • The smartwatch is equipped with AGPS and LBS (Location-Based Service) dual positioning of real-time positioning, so you as a parent can always see where your child is.
  • GEO fence gives parents a peace of mind. With a single mark on the map, a border between 200m - 2000m is created. If the child moves outside this area, then the parents will receive a notification with time and GPS coordinates
  • Footsteps (GPS History) show the child's movement within a given time frame.
  • Chat where the parents in the app can write or talk to the child, and the child can send voice messages.
  • SOS calls to pre-defined numbers, who receive SMS with GPS coordinates.
  • Do not disturb function, to restrict calls and chat in selected time periods.
  • Fitness tracker with 3 month data (see FAQ for using the Fitness Tracker).
  • Alarm / alarm clock with three different times.
  • Turn the smartwatch off from the app.
  • Free app for Android and iPhone.



  • GPS: MTK2503
  • AGPS
  • GSM, GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900
  • 1,22 inch touchpad
  • Camera: 0.3 mega pixel
  • Waterproof: IP67 down to 1,5 meter water, for up to 30 minutes
  • SIM-card: Micro SIM-card (Is not a part of the smartwatch. You must purchase from the preferred supplier)
  • Battery: Gel polymer 420 mAh, 100 hours standby
  • Smartwatch size: 46 x 40 x 15,3 mm
  • Physical buttons: On / Off button (SOS)



Accessories included

  • Link to manual, charging cable
  • The application is available on the iOS APP Store and Google Play Store.

Additional Information

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Important to remember

Buy a Sim card with your preferred provider

Make sure you have 2G network where you live (It wont matter if the Sim card works in your mobile, because they use 3G and 4G)

The Sim card needs a little bit of SMS, DATA and TALK, in order to work.

The watches is tested on children, but the screen can break like a mobil, if you are unlucky

Remember to set the GPS location service on 10 minuts or an hour, so the watch don't use the battery to quickly

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