Who are we?

Kids Safety is a Danish established company, with practical experience in the use of Smartwatch and GPS watches for children.



Our vision is to provide the best service with the customer in the centre and safety at the top.

We want to have the best quality on our products, as well as the largest and newest selection within Smartwatch and GPS watches for children.

It is therefore important for us, that our customers can safely shop in our webshop, where we naturally prioritize compliance with all Danish and European rules for internet trade and security.


Well-tested products

The products you find on our website are all tested by children, and ourselves with the SeTracker2 application, and have then selected these based on the criteria below.



Money is not more important than the time with our children.

We believe everyone should be able to afford a carefree daily life and have more time for their children. Kids Safety has therefore chosen products, that everyone can afford.


Easy to use

Kids Safety has tested the SeTracker2 application for more than 3 years, and had children to test the user-friendliness of the watches.

We have therefore chosen only watches everyone can use, with some guidance from the parents of course.


We think quality is a necessity, when it's children.

As parents we know, that all children swim, run, climb and fight every other day, and therefore have watches that can be used for this.

Our range of products are therefore selected by the children's daily businesses and play.


As we said, we have had the products, as well as the application in our hands, so we can always help you with questions about our product range.

If you are already a customer or maybe a potential customer, and you have questions about our products, or doubt about our service, you are always welcome to call +45 71 741 797 or write at

If you have problems with a product, you will find most common answers in our FAQ, but of course we are always ready to answer questions.

We are here for our customers, not the other way round.

We do not want to sell products, that doesn't work. If you experience problems, we will quickly find a solution that both parties are satisfied with.


Our history

We started the company Kids Safety in August 2017 with and have now expanded to all of europe.

We know as a family how important time is, and that all things cannot be achieved - a busy day must be put aside with the hope of a better day tomorrow.

A few years ago, when we started camping as a regular, we saw almost every day, that when we arrived at the campsite, the children went out to play, and we did not know where they were. Our children found new playmates, and often ended up playing at their homes, despite repeated remarks that they should come home and tell where they were. 

As a result, we had to run the entire campsite for half an hour, nervous and anxious, because the worst things might have happened.

With young children aged 3-8 years, we thought it was too early to equip them with a mobile phone. We did a brief attempt, but with the result, that the mobile was first gone, however, found again, but then buried in sand and water.


We are just human beings like everybody else, and we can therefore can also be influenced by the media's talk of everyday terror and horror.


We went online, hoping to find some kind of GPS device, so we had an opportunity to find the kids. We found a GPS watch for children, which based on what we could read, would meet exactly our needs. Now, we could always get a hold on our children, either by calling, writing or eventually looking at a map where they were. There was even the possibility of using Geo-fence, where we could mark a radius on a map and if the children moved outside, shortly afterwards, we would receive a text, with time and coordinates.


It was not a difficult choice and after the watch had shown its worth during the camping holidays, the application was extended to include the kindergarten and school.

We could via the app, set what time others could call our children, so they did not disturb the middle of the school hours. We had the opportunity to write a message about getting ready, at least for the elderly, so she was ready for pickup when we arrived.

Before we could spend up to an hour to one-half to retrieve, whereas time can now be used together.

One of our clear advantages is that our children now feel more confident, because they also know, that they can always call us, whether they are in an institution, have a doctor's agreement or be taken care of by their grandparents. And we do not have to worry unnecessarily about our children, which has resulted in a calmer and more balanced everyday life.


Our desire is therefore to share this opportunity with others in the hope, that they will get as much joy of the watch as we still have.

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